How Peekaboo Auctions Work:

No Need to Play Peekaboo!

  • If you simply wish to claim a discounted cash certificate you can do so at any time by paying the Directory Publisher a donation claiming fee. That fee is shared with your choice of favorite local nonprofit. You Save by Giving! You will pay the business the discounted deal price only when you are serviced by the business. There is no expiration to use your discounted cash certificate. You should still review Peekaboo overview below…


  • Deal Price is always less than the redemption value, so bidders are already guaranteed savings before the reverse auction begins!
  • HIDDEN DEAL PRICE is EVEN LESS than the Deal Price and keeps dropping every time anyone bypasses declaring themselves the winner. Bidders bypass being the winner so they may win at an even lower bid later!
  • Hidden Deal Price Peeks: To get 10 seconds peek at hidden deal price you use 1 peeking credit. You were given 10 FREE PEEKING CREDITS when you registered. See the many ways to get free peeking credits or buy peeking credits to benefit your favorite local nonprofit.
  • YOU DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO WIN!!! Winners Compensation…
    Winner will also pay the Deal Price to the business just like others; but for Every Dollar the Winning Bid is below the Deal Price, the Winner Receives $5 in FREE Peeking credits!
  • Example: Deal Price is $50 and the winning bid $20 = that is a $30 difference. So, the winner receives $150 in FREE peeking credits: ($30 below deal price x $5= $150).
  • Buying & Earning Peeking Credits: Your favorite local nonprofit is benefitted when you buy peeking credits. The cost is $9.95 to buy 20 peeking credits. You need 3 credits to claim a cash certificate, but as soon as you claim a cash certificate you receive 3 free credits from the Directory Publisher! You also you receive more free credits when you redeem the cash certificate from the business!
  • Automate Bidding & Buying: Instead of manually peeking at the hidden deal price, you can set a "time interval" to peek at the hidden deal price---and set how low you want the deal price to go to automatically declare yourself the winner!
  • Auto Alert: When your favorite business creates an auction, you can receive an email to alert you since there is a limited number of deals.
  • Terms and conditions: Winners are posted on website. Most businesses will allow you to show the certificate on your phone -some may request print out---and businesses will verify it was not used and may require photo ID. The auction will state all terms and conditions.


See Current Lower Asking Price

To get a 10 seconds peek to see what the current asking price is to obtain the redemption value bidders need to use 2 bidding credits. Bidders have 10 seconds to decide on stopping the auction and declaring themselves the winner or bypass because the bidder believes the price will go much lower. Bidders have the option of manually checking the price or automating the time interval to check the price and also setting an automated buy price to stop the auction. Whether a bidder manually peeks to see the current price or automates peeking the cost is the same 2 bidding credits.