FREE Peekaboo Bidding Credits!

(A) Just Register! Get 10 Free peeking credits when registering with Savings Sites.

(B) Claim a Discounted Cash Certificate! Get 3 free credits when you claim a cash certificate from Savings Sites Directory Publisher.

(C) You can Decide to Win! Winners Compensation:

Winner will pay the Deal Price to the business just like others; but for Every Dollar the Winning Bid is below the Deal Price, the Winner Receives $5 in FREE Peeking credits! Example: Deal Price is $50 winning bid $20 = $30 difference. Winner receives $150 value ($30 x $5) in FREE peeking credits.

(D) Redeem Cash Certificate at Business.

Get 1 Free peeking credit for EVERY DOLLAR DISCOUNTED when you redeem a cash certificate by having your cash cert recorded by business. Either your cash certificate ID needs to be entered by business, or in front of the business using your phone you can press the One Time Use Verification button on the cash certificate, to prove it was not used previously. That will automatically confirm to business that you used the cash certificate 1 time and it will also automatically transfer the proper number of free peeking credits to your peeking credits account.
EXAMPLE: Redemption Value is $50 and Deal Price is $20 = $30 discount difference. Therefore you get 30 free peeking credits!


Receive 4 free bidding credits ($2.00 value) for simply receiving 12 discount offers from businesses. Businesses are paying us to email their offers for them. Better yet you will only receive discount offers that are relevant to you, because you indicate whether you are:

(A) Male or Female

(B) Own or Rent

(C) Age Groups. (Under 35), (36-55), (over 55+)

You only receive discount offers that are relevant to Age Group, Gender and Rent vs Own. You are under no obligation to buy any of the products or services in the discount offers! Your email address is not provided to the businesses! You can opt-out of these emailed offers at any time! You never know there may also be some real nice offers that you can also take advantage of!



See Current Lower Asking Price

To get a 10 seconds peek to see what the current asking price is to obtain the redemption value bidders need to use 2 bidding credits. Bidders have 10 seconds to decide on stopping the auction and declaring themselves the winner or bypass because the bidder believes the price will go much lower. Bidders have the option of manually checking the price or automating the time interval to check the price and also setting an automated buy price to stop the auction. Whether a bidder manually peeks to see the current price or automates peeking the cost is the same 2 bidding credits.