Business Benefits by Using Peekaboo Cash Certificates

  1. Free Advertising of Your Offers! Plus, substantial additional valuable free benefits worth thousands per month, that you can read about on the Saving Sites About Page.
  2. You Control Deal! You decide how many cash certificates you want to redeem and set all the conditions. You can have as many different discounts running simultaneously as you desire based upon: Days of Week, Times of Day, whether you’re delivering or the user will pick up, or the product service being purchased.
  3. You Control Cash! Users will present your approved cash certificate on their phone and continue paying your business directly by whatever form of payment you accept.
  4. Automated: You can decide whether to manually start again when the number of redemptions has been achieved, or automate the process by keeping it rolling with no change in your offers
  5. One Use Verification: You can verify that the discounted cash certificate was never used when the user presents it to you. This is done very quickly as the user will click the cash certificate verification button on their phone in front of you!
  6. You Help Many Local Nonprofits& Municipality: Residents pay a donation claiming fee to the Directory Publisher to claim your discounted cash certificate. The donation claiming fee is shared by the Directory Publisher with all the local nonprofit organizations that direct its members to claim your cash certificates as a fundraiser. On net the resident still saves substantial money as they save by giving.


See Current Lower Asking Price

To get a 10 seconds peek to see what the current asking price is to obtain the redemption value bidders need to use 2 bidding credits. Bidders have 10 seconds to decide on stopping the auction and declaring themselves the winner or bypass because the bidder believes the price will go much lower. Bidders have the option of manually checking the price or automating the time interval to check the price and also setting an automated buy price to stop the auction. Whether a bidder manually peeks to see the current price or automates peeking the cost is the same 2 bidding credits.